How to Understand Natural Olive Oil?

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Natural olive oil; it is understood as a result of taste test, odor test and laboratory test. Olive oil sector is a sector where cheating is very high.

For this reason, first of all these are the points that we have to warn you; you don’t have to buy the olive oils which are unbranded, without the approval of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and the Ministry of Health, without the ones with Standards Institute stamp. Because these olive oils are generally produced as “under the stairs” and directly harm the health aside.

You can take 3 steps to find out if an olive oil is natural. Most olive oil can show whether it is natural in the first 2 steps we will talk about shortly; However, in some cases, there may be a problem if you are not sure about your tests. In this case, the most accurate solution is laboratory testing.

In order to understand natural olive oil, you should first make an odor test. The smell that will meet you as soon as you open the cover of olive oil should be as follows;

Fruity Smell
New Watered Grass Scent
Fresh Herb Smell
Unripe Almond or Almond Scent
Olive Smell

If you get any of these scents; olive oil is most likely natural. But of course this is not an adequate test alone. After that, you should do a tasting test. In the tasting test; you need to pour olive oil in a teaspoon and swallow it. If olive oil is a natural olive oil, it will create a feeling of bitterness in your tongue and blushing in your mouth. If these feelings do not occur; it means you don’t consume a natural olive oil.

Laboratory Tests for Natural Olive Oil

If the odor and taste test is complete it may mean that you have bought a natural olive oil with a 90% probability. But if you still want to be absolutely sure, you can finally have a lab test done. Laboratory testing is the most accurate solution and many criteria are addressed. In laboratory tests;

7 factors are tested for olive oil quality,
16 factors are tested for considered for olive oil purity.

These factors are examined one by one and, as a result of the examinations, whether the olive oil is pure and natural is delivered to the person or business that makes the test. The mentioned factors are applied for natural extra virgin olive oil.

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