Snow Acts as a Fertilizer for Olive Trees

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Stating that the snowfalls that fall from time to time in the Edremit district of Balıkesir are of great importance for olive trees, Balıkesir University Edremit Olive and Olive Technologies Department Lecturer Mücahit Kıvrak said, “The snow has accumulated in the air and brought some minerals and nutrients together. It also shows a fertilizer effect.

Mentioning that snowfall is beneficial for olives, Mücahit Kıvrak said, “Snow is beneficial for olives. Every 10 centimeters of snow is equal to 2 and a half centimeters of water. Since this water is slowly absorbed from the soil, this absorption occurs by expanding the soil while it is slowly absorbed in the soil. In this sense, snowfall is beneficial for us because it both aerates the soil and increases water retention, and kills harmful microorganisms and other insects and mice in the soil. Underlining the need to pay attention to the density of the abdomen, Kıvrak said, “You just have to look at the intensity of the abdomen. If the snowfall accumulates heavily on the trees, it may break the branches or if it falls thin, if it frosty, this time it may cause the leaves to dry from frost. Apart from that, there is no harm in snowfall.

Snow Feeds the Olive Tree Richly

On the contrary, the fact that there is snow especially in Kaz Mountains in May is a sign that the flowering will be very beautiful. “This also feeds the olive tree richly with groundwater.” Stating that the snow also has a fertilizer effect, Kıvrak said, “Snow accumulated in the air also shows the effect of fertilizer as it brings some minerals and nutrients together so far.”

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