4 Million TL Investment for Olive Oil

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The Olive and Olive Oil Brand Genius

The olive and olive oil brand Genius which is established by entrepreneurs Oğuz Bekir Çakır and Tarkan Karakaya, stands out with its high yield and high quality Spanish variety Arbequina olive production.

The company is preparing to invest 4 million TL for the pressing facility next to its gardens with 38 thousand “Arbequina” olive trees in Manisa.

Turkey, which is one of the world leading manufacturers of olives and olive oil, is increasing with each passing year the global claim. The olive and olive oil brand “Genius”, founded by two entrepreneurs who have been working on olives since 2008, Oğuz Bekir Çakır and Tarkan Karakaya, is an initiative that emerged as a result of this claim.

Genius Olive Oil’s founders and Tarkan Oguz Bekir Cakir King, the higher the yield and quality of the Arbequina olive varieties and produces the Spanish sees the world very interested in Turkey.

Oğuz Bekir Çakır and Tarkan Karakaya, who said that they produce 15 to 20 tons annually as a boutique producer in their gardens with 38 thousand “Arbequina” olive trees in Manisa and export to the USA, 30 to 40 tons in the next year, and emphasizes that they aim to produce 100 tons of production in a few years.

Expressing that they have made an investment plan of 4 million TL for the pressing facility that they will establish next to the garden in the coming period, Karakaya says: “The olives collected by a special harvester will reach the facility in 5 to 10 minutes and can be turned into oil immediately. We will achieve a sustainable quality under the conditions we have determined.”

4 Million TL Investment for Olive Oil

Our goal is sector leadership

Referring to the importance of the Spanish variety Arbequina olives, Oğuz Bekir Çakır said, “When we look at the trend in the world, it is seen that all serious investments are concentrated in Arbequina and similar varieties.
In Turkey, despite making a few entrepreneurs often by planting garden plant, was forced to return to conventional methods due to the lack of harvesters, “he says.

Noting that the number of new Arbequina garden facilities is very low for this reason, Çakır says, “If we want to increase our share in the world as a country, we must provide serious subsidies to Arbequina. Our share in boutique olive cultivation is not bad. We aim to lead the sector in a few years with the investments we make.”

Received “Gold Medal” in the USA

Oğuz Bekir Çakır and Tarkan Karakaya, the founders of Genius Olive Oil, won the gold medal at the New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC), where more than 800 olive oil samples from 26 countries competed in 2020.

The brand is preparing to add Deli Oil, which is blended from “Arbequina” and “Memecik” olives, to its product category, as well as the upcoming Premium Special Harvest Cold Pressed Olive Oil.

Turkey Ranks in Third in Olive Production

Olive fruit can be processed as table olives for oil and, therefore, the climatic conditions in the world Mediterranean coast more than Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, cultivated in countries such as Tunisia.

The United Nations (UN), according to the International Olive Council data, Spain olive production of 613 thousand tons in the first place, while it 450 thousand tons of corn, 420 thousand tons with Turkey, 342.5 thousand tons in Algeria and is watching Greece with 190 thousand tons.

In olive oil production, according to 2019 data, Spain is the first with 1.5 million tons, taking half of the world production. Turkey is continuing to increase its production from 178 million trees each year, watching with 225 thousand tons.

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