Olive and Fig Combined in One Product

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Producing olive oil with the Memecik type, Turkey’s only olive with a European Union geographical indication, Niz Olive offers the olive oil cure and natural olive oil soap produced from Aydın figs to consumers.

Olive oils with a high polyphenol level as well as an intense fruity aroma are available in special production white and black glass bottles with 250 ml and 500 ml options; It is stated that it is offered to consumers in tins with 1000 ml, 2000 ml and 3000 ml options; In the statement made by the company, it was noted that “fig cure” is produced by combining the world-famous figs of Aydın with early harvest olive oil.

Product Range is Expanding After Fig

Continuing its investments to expand its product range and bring Aydın’s local flavors to the market, Niz Olive has recently announced that it continues to work on drying tomatoes with olive oil, olive leaf tea and packaged figs. The olives, which are sent to the factory within 4 hours at the latest after being collected, are separated from their leaves without waiting, washed with purified water and transferred to the crusher; It was noted that the olives, which were crushed and turned into paste after the crushing process, were extracted from the oil in the next step and transferred to the chrome tanks.

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