Turkey’s First Licensed Warehouse for Olive and Olive Oil is in Akhisar

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Akhisar Mayor Besim Dutlulu and Akhisar Commodity Exchange President Alper Alhat signed a protocol for a licensed warehouse with a capacity of 6,500 tons. The facility, which will be realized in Akhisar and will be the first licensed warehouse of olive and olive oil in Turkey, will allow the products to be stored in a hygienic and air-conditioned environment. The facility will also allow the products of producers in Akhisar and the surrounding regions to be stored in healthy conditions and marketed at their value.

Many Advantages for Akhisar Farmers

Farmers, who are exempted from many expenses with the withholding, rent, analysis and transportation support provided by the state in licensed warehousing, will have the opportunity to earn more profit from the harvest period by selling their products when they are valued. Stating that they have taken one of the most important steps for Akhisar to become an olive and olive oil center as it deserves, Mayor Besim Dutlulu said, “As Akhisar Commodity Exchange and Akhisar Olive and Olive Oil Specialized OIZ, we are breaking new ground in Turkey and in total for our olive and olive oil producers. We bring our 6500 ton licensed warehouse to our city. In this way, both our producers will go to land and our city will become an olive and olive oil center as it deserves. I believe that a very important step has been taken for our farmers, producers and Akhisar. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Good luck to our city”. Akhisar Commodity Exchange Chairman Alper Alhat said, “I would like to thank Akhisar Mayor Besim Dutlulu and his team for their help. I congratulate the investors on behalf of Akhisar for their support and leadership in such a project. Good luck”.

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