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High Demand for Registered Kilis Olive Oil

High Demand for Registered Kilis Olive Oil

High Demand for Registered Kilis Olive Oil

Kilis olive oil, one of Turkey’s registered flavors as a geographical indication, delighted its producers with its quality. In Kilis, where olive production is carried out on an area of approximately 300 thousand decares, 7 thousand tons of olive oil production is expected despite the low yield. Geographically marked Kilis olive oil, which received a superior quality award in competitions held around the world, attracts attention with its distinctive, intense and spicy aroma.

Farmers, who collect olives from trees, fill them in crates and extract their oil in factories, experience the happiness of purchasing quality products this season.

Kilis Chamber of Agricultural Engineers President Güven Özdemir told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they are approaching the end of the olive harvest. Stating that the olive yield was low this year, Özdemir said that despite the drought, the high quality of olive oil and the sale of the oil at the value it deserves satisfied the farmers. Expressing that the olive production area in the city has increased from 280 thousand decares to 300 thousand decares, Özdemir said, “Our farmers earn money from olives. We have producers who produce one kilogram from 3 kilograms of olives, and even one kilogram from 2 kilograms. This year, which we call a “no year”, olive oil yield closed the gap of low harvest.

Kilis Olive Oil is Requested from Abroad

Özdemir said, “The fact that the polyphenol ratio is very high and the acid ratio is low increased both the quality and the demand for the oil. Olive oil is demanded from our province from countries such as Germany and Qatar. Kilis olive oil received gold and bronze medals in many international olive oil competitions. Upon this, the registration of Kilis olive oil increased the demand. ” he said.

Kilis Organic Olive Producers Association President Hüseyin Polat said that they will produce approximately 7 thousand tons of olive oil this year, despite the “no year”. Stating that with the establishment of the Organic Olive Producers Union, olive and olive oil reached the value they deserve, Polat stated that Kilis olives and oil were promoted in Istanbul a while ago with the support of the Silk Road Development Agency. Emphasizing that the domestic and international demand for olive oil has increased, Polat said: “We have received orders for export. We are making preparations for export in January and February. We are planning to export 300 tons of olive oil as a union. We sent it to Qatar, Canada and America. We have talks with Iran. “They have to come and taste the Kilis olive oil. Our farmers produce a beautiful olive. Hand-picked olives are brought daily and cold pressed.”

Farmer Bekir Şentürk also said that he produces olives on 40 decares and they get one kilogram of oil from 3 kilograms of olives. Şentürk stated that they are satisfied with the olive oil yield, and that the demand is at a sufficient level.

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