Use Olive Oil Against Coronavirus

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Selçuk University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biochemistry, Dr. Tarhan suggested that the squalene substance found in natural extra virgin olive oil should be consumed in the fight against the new type of corona virus.

Dr. İsmail Tarhan stated in his written statement that the squalene substance, which is found in natural extra virgin olive oils, strengthens immunity within the scope of method development studies.

Tarhan, “Extra Virgin Olive Oil of squalene New Spectroscopic Methods of Development for Determination of Content and Their Role in Combating Covid-19” in the study titled, world and olive oil brands of various brands in Turkey said they viewed.

Upon review, Greece, Spain, Italy, and according to the olive trademark of Portugal noted that determine whether a high squalene percentage of olive oil in Turkey. Tarhan; “We have developed a new method for the detection of squalene content of extra virgin olive oil. In this study, we examined our country of extra-virgin olive oil, we have also studied squalene ratios for the first time. In our studies, we were able to obtain around one gram of squalene from about one kilogram of olive oil. The cost is considerably lower than squalene obtained from sharks” found the assessment.

Squalene, a hydrocarbon derivative, is used as an immune enhancer in vaccines and is included as an “anticancer agent” in many studies in the literature.

Our country’s olive oils have high squalene ratios. In the vaccine development studies, our country’s olive oils have a high potential to be an alternative source of squalene in terms of quality.

Experts suggest that natural extra virgin olive oils should be consumed in abundance because they keep the immune system strong and contain beneficial components against cancer.

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