Olive Oil Turkey

About Olive Oil Turkey

Olive Oil Turkey is a blog site founded in 1998 by a group of olive and olive oil lovers. In the first years of its establishment, it brought new exporters to the Turkish olive oil sector and served as a bridge between many olive oil buyers from abroad and Turkish producers. As a result of the good ties it has established with non-governmental organizations and manufacturers in the sector for many years, it has become a highly sought and known source of information on the Internet. Shortly after its inception, thanks to its presence and recognition on the Internet, it also received investments from abroad and continued its operations as a closed B2B website for a while. With the end of that project, it went back to its early days and became an information site that provides general information about olive oil and provides information, statistics and figures about the Turkish olive oil sector.

The main mission of Olive Oil Turkey is to announce the information about olive oil to the world, to help the Turkish producers to sell this precious natural wonder to the world and to create as many olive oil lovers as possible.